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Utricularia + Cephalotus + B. filifolia

Christian Dietz

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Christian Dietz


biloba_UTRI10_007.jpg biloba_UTRI10_008.jpg

Utricularia biloba


eine etwas ungewöhnliche Blüte von U. dichotoma

prehensilis_UTRI5_004.jpg prehensilis_UTRI5_005.jpg

Utricularia prehensilis - eastern Transvaal

sp_chapada_diamantina_UTRI87_001.jpg sp_chapada_diamantina_UTRI87_002.jpg

sp_chapada_diamantina_UTRI87_003.jpg sp_chapada_diamantina_UTRI87_004.jpg

Utricularia sp. "Chapada Diamantina" - Cachaiera da Fumaça, Bahia, Brazil

uniflora_UTRI9_004.jpg uniflora_UTRI9_021.jpg uniflora_UTRI9_022.jpg

Utricularia uniflora

follicularis_CEPH1_017.jpg follicularis_CEPH1_018.jpg

Cephalotus follicularis

filifolia_BYBL1_005.jpg filifolia_BYBL1_006.jpg

filifolia_BYBL1_007.jpg filifolia_BYBL1_008.jpg

Byblis filifolia - Boulk Area, South of Lombadina



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