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Some of my plants

Guest Ludwig

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Guest Ludwig

Hello, sorry for posting in English; here are photos I took today.

This N. thorelii x (spectabilis x northiana) just opened; looks interesting so far, we'll see when it gets bigger. Did anyone get one of these from EP this year?


I think this is my female clone of N. thorelii x truncata; I have 2 different ones:


Here's a dramatic example of the difference between lower and upper pitchers on the same plant:

Nepenthes (stenophylla x lowii) x (xRokko x veitchii):

current upper:


previous lower:


even so, the current upper pitcher is very tough and fuzy, although the photo doesn't show this.

N. ventricosa x TM, showing in the morning lighting:


A couple species:

N. eymae:


I like the coloration on the upper peristome.

N. glabrata and friend:


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Guest Ludwig

Thank you everyone.

Here are some better photos of N. thorelii x truncata:



Here is the first plant, before I cut it:


The base of the plant, more like a tree:


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verry nice pictures, i like Nepenthes verry much either. :-) Nice "tree"! :-D

But what means "TM"??? Me little newb don't know that, but I am often reading this...

Isn't it a photo-forum thread?



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Guest Ludwig

TM = trusmadiensis.

trusmadiensis = macrophylla x lowii.

N. ventricosa x TM =

Nepenthes ventricosa x (macrophylla x lowii).

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Guest Michaela Zauner

Astonishing. Your plants are fantastic. How did you convince them to grow pitchers that big?

I envy you. You have such beautiful plants.

Thanks for showing us your plants...

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Guest Ludwig

Thank You! Everyone.

I have so many more plants I want to show you. Here are a few more:

Nepenthes xRokko Exotica:


N. maxima x veitchii:



N. spathulata x maxima:



N. sibuyanensis x trusmadiensis:


N. spathulata x spectabilis:



N. sibuyanensis x truncata-squat:


N. thorelii x TM:



N. truncata x veitchii:


N. ventricosa x macrovulgaris:



N. ventricosa x (clipeata x ventricosa):


N. xDyeriana:


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Joachim Danz

Hi Ludwig,

many thanks for sharing the pictures of your very well grown plants!

Cheers Joachim

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Wow the maxima x veitchii is beautiful, and the ventricosa x macrovulgaris looks very interesting. Any tips for such huge pitchers?

But my favourite ist the "Cola-Pitcher";-)

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Thank for such much pictures from verry nice plants and pitchers. But say me please: What a pitcher is that red one with wihte signs, who looks like "Coa Cola"? :shock: :-D

Where are your plants living? Outside in the garden ore in a greenhouse? Where are you from?



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Guest Ludwig

Hallo, Vielen Dank für die netten Komplimente!

My plants grow outside in a greenhouse. They have full sun, and very high humidity. The water is from a RO system. There is no shade or shade cloth. I am in California.


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Guest Hans Breuer

Thanks for showing off your amazing zoo, Ludwig. I'm convinced everyone can grow huge plants like this - all you have to do is lift the lids off your terrariums and then wait a few years.

By the way, there is a category for photos http://forum.carnivoren.org/board.php?id=20&.

Maybe the kind moderators would move this thread over there, to uphold law and order?

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