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Hi Leute,

hier auch mal Meine Karnivoren:



-follicularis "Big Boy"

-follicularis "Giant" (?!?)






Dionaea muscipula




-Fused Tooth

-H3 Giant

-Red Dragon

-Red Line

-Red Piranha

-South West Giant


-Uk Sawtooth 2

-Wacky Traps










-exappendiculata "Acapaca Tepui"

-heterodoxa x ionasii

-heterodoxa x minor




-pulchella "Angasima Tepui"

-pulchella "Churi Tepui"

-purpurascens "Ptari Tepui"

-spec. "Angasima Tepui"

-tatei "Huachamachare"






-burbidgeae x edwardsiana


-dubia "Talamau"

-ephippiata "Gunung rajah"








-ventricosa x xiphoideus







-alata [red black, White Crossing], MK A30

-flava hybride


-leucophylla hybride

-minor hybride



-rubra ssp. jonesii {dark red form, Cesars Head}





-bisquamata "Baines Kloof"


-humboldtii x quelchii




-williamsi 1.1


mfg Yanik

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Aktualisiert 09.06.13


-verschiedene C. follicularis Klone

-H. chimantensis

-N. aristolochioides

-N. burbidgeae

-N. macrophylla

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Hi WeXi,

It's just a very dark (=dunkel) clone. It isn't an official named variety of cephalotus. I just wanted to describe my three different Plants of C. follicularis.

Regards Yanik

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Aktualisiert 29.08.13


+H. pulchella "Churi Tepui"

+H. exappendiculata "Acapaca Tepui"

+H. spec "Angasima Tepui"

+U. humboldtii x quelchii

+U. alpina


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