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Cassian's Bestandsliste

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argentii (SG) - BCP

ampullaria ''Lime Twist'' - TC

ampullaria 'speckled' (SG) - CK

aristolochioides (Sumatra) - AW 

aristolochioides (New Location, Sumatra) - AW

aristolochioides x edwardsiana (SG) - Alex

aristolochioides x flava (SG) - MS

aristolochioides x pitopangii Ivory (SG) - MS

aristolochioides x truncata 'Highland Red' (SG) - MS

attenboroughii (Mt. Victoria, Palawan) - SG HR

attenboroughii - BT

bicalcarata 'Brunei orange' - TC

boschiana (male) - TC

burbidgeae - AW

burbidgeae x edwardsiana - AW

burbidgeae x lowii - AW

burbidgeae x platychila - BE-3466

(burbidgeae x veitchii) x mollis (SG) - MSr

burkei - Thomas Carow

campanulata - AW

campanulata x maxima - AW

clipeata (Clone 2) - AW

copelandii - TC

copelandii x lowii IC - AW

deaniana (Thumbs Peak, Palawan) - AW

dubia (Malea, Sumatra) - AW

edwardsiana - AW

edwardsiana IC - AW

eustachya (K. Sembilan, Sumatra) - AW

ephippiata (Gunung Rajah, Borneo) - AW

ephippiata (Hose Mountains, Borneo) - AW

flava (Sumatra) - AW

flava x jamban (SG) - MR

glabrata (Sulawesi) - AW

glabrata (Gunung Katopasa, Sulawesi) - AW

glabrata (SG) - CK

glabrata - Ror

glabrata x hamata - BE3912

glandulifera - TC

hamata - AW

hamata (red hairy, BE clone) - SL

hamata x edwardsiana (SG) - MS

hamiguitanensis (Mt. Hamiguitan, Mindanao) - AW

inermis (Gunung Gadut, Sumatra) - AW

inermis (SG) - Alex

jacquelineae (West Sumatra) - AW

jacquelineae - MR

jamban - BE3875

jamban - BCP

justiniae (Hamiguitan, Philippines) - AW 

klossii - 3744 BE-269

leonardoi (SG) - BCP

lowii (Batu Lawi) (SG) - DC

lowii (Gunung Mulu, Borneo) - AW

lowii (Gunung Murud, Borneo) - AW

lowii (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) - BT

lowii 'Trusmadi' x lowii 'Mulu' (SG)
lowii 'Trusmadi' x lowii 'Murud' (SG)

lowii x ephippiata - DC

lowii x mollis IC - AW

lowii x ventricosa (SG) - Alex

lowii x ventricosa - Hamp

[(lowii x veitchii) x boschiana] x [(veitchii x maxima) x veitchii] (SG) - Alex

macrophylla - TC

mantalingajanensis (Mt. Mantalingajan) - AW

maxima 'wavy leaves' - TC

mira x lowii - MR

mollis (Borneo) - AW

mollis x veitchii 'striped' - CK

murudensis (Gunung Murud, Borneo) - NP015

ovata (Pangulubao, Sumatra) - TC

palawanensis (Palawan) - AW

palawanensis - BCP

palawanensis SG - NiBo

peltata - TC

pervillei - BCP

pitopangii 'Ivory colored form'  - AW

platychila (Hose Mountains, Borneo)

platychila x lowii (SG) - CK

platychila x mollis IC - AW

platychila x vogelii (SG) - CK

pulchra (Mindanao, Philippines) - AW

rafflesiana - TC

rafflesiana var. alata (SG) - StGl

rajah (Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo) - AW

rajah (Tambuyukon, Borneo) - AW

rajah (SG) - GB

rajah (SG) - SL

rajah x burbidgeae - BE3865

RHH x flava - AW

robcantleyi - TC

robcantleyi SG - NiBo

robcantleyi x veitchii - TC

sibuyanensis - AW

singalana - Thomas Carow

sumagaya - AW

sumatrana (SG) - CK

spathulata x edwardsiana (SG) - MS

spathulata x jacquelineae - BE3883 

spectabilis x ventricosa - TC

talangensis x robcantleyi - Ce

tenuis - reddish leaves (West Sumatra) - AW

tenuis x dubia - AW

tenuis x flava (SG) - MS

tenuis x inermis (SG) - MS

(tiger x veitchii pink) x sumatrana (SG)

truncata (SG) - CK

truncata BE

truncata ''Highland red' (Mindanao, Philippinen) - TC

truncata (Phillipines) - AW

truncata typical x typical (SG) - MSr

truncata (c) giant - EP

truncata (c) giant x giant - EP

truncata (d) red flush - EP

truncata MS lowland - MRi

truncata 'striped' x inermis (SG) - EP

truncata 'giant' x veitchii(m) Bario, squat red, striped (SG) - EP

undulatifolia x hamata - AW

ventricosa (Philippinen) - TC

ventricosa 'cream pitchers' - TC

ventricosa x inermis - TC

ventricosa x trusmadiensis (SG) - Alex

(ventricosa x sibuyanensis)-squat x (izumiae x TM) SG - EP

[(ventricosa x (spathulata x lowii)] x platychila - EP

veitchii (Batu Buli, Batu Lawi) - BCP

veitchii (striped, lowland, SG) - CK

veitchii (yellow x brown peristome) - BCP

veitchii [yellow x (highland x lowland)] - BCP

veitchii x burbidgeae - BE-3756

veitchii x burbidgeae (SG) - EP

veitchii x lowii - Thomas Carow

veitchii x lowii (SG) - EP

veitchii x mira - BE3696

veitchii x spectabilis (SG) - CK

villosa (Mt. Kinabalu, Borneo) - AW

villosa (BE clone) - SL

villosa (Mt. Tambuyukon, SG) - MRo

x harryana (Mt. Tambuyukon, SG) - MRo

x harryana (Mt. Kinabalu, SG) - Ce 

x kinabaluensis (Tambuyukon, SG) - SL

x trusmadiensis (Gunung Trusmadi, Borneo) - AW




ceracea (Cerro Neblina, Braz./Ven.) - AW

chimantensis (Chimanta, Venezuela) - AW

'Godzilla' - AW

ionasii - TC

ionasii 'Hairy Killer 2' x parva 'ultra hairy' - MS

minor 'auyan tepui' - Christian Klein

minor 'burgundy black' - AW

minor Selection 1 - AW

minor var. pilosa (clone 8) - AW

minor var. pilosa 'Giant'

neblinae 'mysterious giant' - AW

nutans 'Giant' (Venezuela) - TC

parva (Cerro Neblina) - AW

parva Clone 13/3 (Red) - AW 

parva x pulchella IC - AW

pulchella (Churi, Chimanta-Massiv) - TC

tatei (Cerro Huachamachare) - AW




alpina (Henry Pittier NP, Venezuela) - BCP 

alpina x campbelliana - TB

asplundii - TB

endresii - BCP

geminiloba - BCP

humboldtii x quelchii - NM

praetermissa - BCP

quelchii (Ilu Tepui) - TB

quelchii (Roraima Tepui) - TB




binata - TC




flava rubricorpora - TC

psittacina - TC

leucophylla Hybrid - TC

unbestimmte Sorten




muscipula 'Spider form' - TC

muscipula 'B52' - TC

musicpula 'Red Dragon' - TC

unbestimmte Sorten


Edited by Cassian
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Kenny An

Mensch Cassian, 

Hast ja ordentlich Geld in die Hand genommen was:D 

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Chris H.

Das sieht richtig teuer aus. Nicht, dass du man ende noch deinen Hausrat verkaufst um mehr Pflanzen zu kaufen! ?

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Hast du auch Fotos von deinem Biotop?

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