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Rene S

Meine Bestandsliste:





aristolochioides {New Location, Sumatra}, - AW

attenboroughii {Mt.Victoria, Palawan}, seedgrown 

burbidgeae {Borneo}, ~ AW


edwardsiana {Mount Kinabalu, Borneo}, seedgrown

edwardsiana {Mount Kinabalu, Borneo}, seedgrown

edwardsiana {Mount Kinabalu, Borneo}, seedgrown

ephippiata {Hose Mountains, Borneo}, ~ AW

glabrata {zentral Sulawesi}, ~ TC

hamata clone 1  {Gunung Lumut, Sulawesi}, ~ AW

jamban {Malea, Sumatra}, ~ Michael Schach 

jamban {West Sumatra}, - Cutting, TC Clone, male

lowii {Gunung Murud, Borneo}, ~ AW

macrophylla {Trus Madi, Borneo},- TC 

mantalingajanensis {Mount Mantalingajan}, ~ AW

spectabilis (Gunung Bandahara, Sumatra), AW

spectabilis (Gunung Bandahara x Sibutan), seedgrown

tentaculata BE- 3196

truncata (lowland x lowland), seeds

truncata "highland red" {Mindanao, Phillipinen}, ~TC

veitchii (Murud striped x Candy striped), FV 023- IC (Kulturhybride)

vogelii {Sarawak, Malaysia}, cutting, BE Klon 




x briggsiana (lowii x ventricosa), cutting from the original plant from Marabini

x trusmadiensis {Trusmadi, Borneo}, (Naturhybride in Kultur nachgekreuzt von Klaus Keller),- AW

lowii Kinabalu x truncata Squat EP

singalana x truncata seeds (Stefan M.)

tenuis x edwardsiana (Kulturhybride), - Michael Schach clone 1

undulatifolia x hamata ( Kulturhybride ), - AW 

veitchii x lowii (Kulturhybride), Cutting einer seedgrown Pflanze

ventricosa x spectabilis (Kulturhybride), - TC









Rhododendron species: 


spec Papua-Neuguinea {Baliem Valley) (kleinblättrig)

spec Papua-Neuguinea {Baliem Valley} (großblättrig)

spec Sumatra (evt burtii)

stapfianum {Gunung Trus Madi, Borneo}


stenophyllum x renschieanum (ex stenophyllum x javanicum)


Vireya Hybriden und Kultivare:


'Flamenco Dancer' (aurigeranum x macgregoriae)

'Magenta' (vitiosus x loranthiflorum)

'Dixie' (unknown)

spec unlabeled

Vaccinum stapfianum G.Raya

Columnea lineares 
Xyris spec (Wright Lake, Florida, Nordamerika)




Paepalanthus spec

Paepalanthus spec Cerro de Neblinae
Cyrilla racemiflora (Amuri Tepui), M.Schach
Vellozia variegata 

spec 'Strauch vom Tepui'
Xyris jupicai (Auyan Tepui)





Porroglossum muscosum

Restrepia spec








Falls Interesse an Bildern besteht geht es hier zu meinem Hochland Terrarium.



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Update 31.10.2020
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Update Nepenthes und Utricularia.

Hinzu kamen







Außerdem U.longifolia ( Seedgrown )


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