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Sarracenia for sale.

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I have the following Sarracenia available for sale,


3 x medium S. leucophylla red stripe throat SL61 CA each has 2 grow points - £65 each

1 x extra large S. x moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' H112 MK  - £55

2 x medium - large S. x Moorei 'Leah Wilkerson' H112 MK - £45 each

1 x small S. x 'Llama' H108 MK with 3/4 small grow points - £30  SOLD


Plants will be sent bare root


EU shipping cost £10.50 - with tracking or £5.60 without tracking (at buyer own risk)

Payment via PayPal. (Family & friends)


If interested please send PM or if you would like photos please advise email address by PM



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