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Mein Carnivorenbestand

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Cephalotus follicularis 


Darlingtonia californica 


Dionaea muscipula:


Akai Riu F3 BCP


BCP Clone 13

Bear Trap 

Beastie Boy

Big Mouth




Dentate traps A




Giant Clam

GJ Giant Shark

GJ Goliath 


La grosse a GuiGui 



Schuppenstiel Dr. E König

Sharkteeth x Big Teeth red Giant

SL 15 Giant

Tiger Fangs

Trev's red Dentate

UK Sawtooth II 

Red Dragon 


velke cervene pasti







binata "Olive Green" 

binata var multifida 


capensis alba


filiformis "California Sunset"








x tokaienses 



(Heliamphora heterodoxa x minor)





Bloody mary 

burbidgeae x veitchii BE 3732


copelandii x veitchii

eymae BE 3736



lowii trusmadi x lowii murud

lowii x ventricosa 

maxima (Sulawesi)


platychila x lowii

platychila x vogelii 


robcantleyi BE 3517

robcantleyi x hamata 

robcantleyi x veitchii

robcantleyi  x veitchii striped 

robcantleyi x ventricosa 



spathulata x talangensis 

spathulata x veitchii 

spectabilis (Sibuatan, Sumatra)

spectabilis x veitchii Murud striped 

spectabilis x ventricosa BE 3745


truncata BE 4001

truncata FV-003-01

truncata Highland Red (male)

truncata x veitchii (m)

veitchii murud striped x veitchii candy striped 

veitchii x (veitchii x lowii)

veitchii (Bareo) BE 3734  

veitchii x maxima 

ventricosa x truncata red


x gaya 

x suki

zakriana (fusca) 



Roridula gorgonias





alata Citronelle, Alabama CK

alata Night x self 

alata pubescent var. read throat

alata pubescent black DeSoto Mississippi

Atlas 5 MS

Black Sheer MS

Cancan MS


flava Goldie x self

flava var atropurpurea CK

flava var atropurpurea CK

flava var atropurpurea MK F 27c

flava var atropurpurea F27c x Kimber Red Ruffles

flava var atropurpurea F130b MS

flava var cuprea "Coppertop" CK

flava var cuprea CK

flava var cuprea "large rounded copper lid"

flava var cuprea/atropurpurea "very red big lid CK" MS

flava var flava MK F6

flava var flava "Telagia" CK

flava var flava CK

flava var ornata "needle leaf Phyllodia" CK

flava var ornata F28

flava var ornata F72 PW x self

flava var ornata MK F78 CK

flava var ornata MK F88 GJ

flava var ornata F156

flava var ornata/rugelii F199 GJ

flava var rubricorpora

flava var rubricorpora

flava var rubricorpora CK

flava var rubricorpora Chris Heath Clone CK

flava var rubricorpora TC

flava var rugelii

flava var rugelii MK F7 GJ

flava var rugelii MK F18

flava var rugelii F54

flava var rugelii KP 48/2 MS

flava var maxima

leucophylla 5ee13 GJ

leucophylla Gas Station Side GJ


leucophylla "alba" CK

leucophylla "Helmut's Delight" TC

leucophylla Hybride

leucophylla x Adrian Slack #5

leucophylla x Adrian Slack #7

leucophylla x Adrian Slack #8

leucophylla Milton Florida

leucophylla Sumter Co. CK

leucophylla Walter Co.

leucophylla L2 GJ

leucophylla L7 GJ

leucophylla L11b MS GJ

leucophylla L15

leucophylla L19 MK F2

leucophylla L20c

leucophylla L12a x Adrian Slack

leucophylla L30

leucophylla L32b MS x L09 MK

leucophylla L36a GJ

leucophylla L38 pubescent Form GJ

leucophylla L39a GJ

leucophylla L41

leucophylla L90 GJ

leucophylla L103

leucophylla L133 Clone A GJ

leucophylla L133 Clone B GJ

leucophylla L133 Clone C GJ

leucophylla Sx64 YS

leucophylla "Schnell's Ghost" CK

leucophylla "Tarnok" CK

(leucophylla x Adrian Slack) x A Porais MS

leucophylla x purpurea complex cross from Jerry Addington

((leuco x oreo) x leuco white ruffled) x moorei A Porais

((leuco x oreo) x leuco white ruffled) x (Leah Wilkerson x Adrian Slack) A

((ornata x oreo) x purpurea ssp venosa var montana x purpurea ssp venosa var montana MS

leucophylla venosa MS


oreophila ex Mazrimas CK

oreophila "heavy veined" CK

oreophila x flava var rugelii Apalachicola MS

(oreo x flava var rugelii) x purpurea ssp venosa var montana MS

premysl otakar I x (leucophylla x Adrian Slack)

premysl otakar I x purpurea ssp venosa var montana Clone A MS

purpurea ssp purpurea TC

purpurea ssp venosa

purpurea ssp venosa CK

purpurea ssp venosa Green Swamp CK

purpurea ssp venosa Minor Black CK

purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f. luteola MK PV 11 MS

purpurea ssp venosa var montana Oakey Mountains CK

purpurea NRP 1

purpurea NRP 2

purpurea NRP 3

purpurea heavy veined

psittacina TC

psittacina Okefenokeensis, Liberty Co. CK

Saurus x Purple Lips

x moorei All Green CK

x moorei Brooks Hybrid MK H7 CK

x moorei conecuh x moorei A Porais MS

x moorei Leah Wilkerson H112

x moorei Adrian Slack H113

x moorei Red/White CK

x moorei WWK x self

x wrigleyana

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