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Bestandsliste November 2019

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S.Leucohylla „white sparklei

S.flava (2x)

S. Oreophylla Typ heary veined

S.pupurea. (6x)

S.adrian Slack

S. Flava MK rubricopora F26

S. Rita Soper x Leah wilkerson Dark clone

S. Rubra ssp. MK RR4

S. Alata Black Desoto NF (2x)



Dionea muscipula ( normale Arten ) 42x

Dionea muscipula Gigant (6x)

Dionea muscipula BCP clone 13 (3x)

Dionea muscipula Red



Drosera Cappensis

Drosera Adelae



Nepenthes truncata x vogelii

Nepenthes ampularia Brown Nabire

Nepenthes copelandii (2x)

Nepenthes glabrata red

Nepenthes aristolochioides x (3x)

Nepenthes Rebecca Soper (?) Baumarkthybrid

Nepenthes attenboroughii

Nepenthes izumia

Nepenthes mira x aristolochioides (mira x lowii) (12x)

Nepenthes venricosa x lowii

Nepenthes albomarginata



Cepalotus folicularis

Cepalotus folicularis (3x)

Cepalotus folicularis Dudley Watts


Pingulicula :

Pingulicula x Weser

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