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Stephan's kleine "Ansammlung"


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Cephalotus Big Boy

Cephalotus German Giant

Darlingtonia Californica

Dionaea Air Bus

Dionaea Akei ryu ( red Dragon)

Dionaea Alien

Dionaea All Green Giant

Dionaea Antonov 225

Dionaea AR Werewolf

Dionaea B52

Dionaea BCP H15

Dionaea Beasty Boy

Dionaea Big Behemoth

Dionaea Big Dracula

Dionaea Big mouth

Dionaea Bimbo

Dionaea Bohemian garnet / Red Sawtooth

Dionaea Candy Cane

Dionaea Carboni Ardenti

Dionaea Cerberrus

Dionaea Darvin

Dionaea DC XL

Dionaea Dingley giant

Dionaea Dracula

Dionaea Dracula

Dionaea Dracula

Dionaea FTS Towering Giant

Dionaea G14

Dionaea G16 slacks giant

Dionaea G7

Dionaea GC Zombie

Dionaea Genepine

Dionaea Generalissimus

Dionaea Giant Big Mouth

Dionaea Giant Clam

Dionaea Giant G1

Dionaea Ginormous

Dionaea GJ  Montecore

Dionaea GJ Bloody Nurse

Dionaea GJ Butterfly

Dionaea GJ Error

Dionaea GJ Explosion

Dionaea Gj Giant Cudo

Dionaea GJ Giant Form

Dionaea Gj Giant Shark

Dionaea Gj Goliath

Dionaea GJ Green Zebra

Dionaea GJ Hellcat

Dionaea Gj Hellcat 2

Dionaea GJ Koralle

Dionaea GJ Mabusa

Dionaea GJ Maratchi

Dionaea GJ Nosferatu

Dionaea GJ Shir Khan

Dionaea GJ Titanium

Dionaea Gold Strike

Dionaea Hanny WTW

Dionaea Harlequin

Dionaea Jaws Smiley

Dionaea Killer Queen

Dionaea Kim iL Sung

Dionaea Kim Jong iL

Dionaea Kim Jong un

Dionaea King Henry

Dionaea La grosse a GuiGui

Dionaea Low Giant

Dionaea Marduk

Dionaea Megatraps

Dionaea Obri Semenac A MS

Dionaea Phalanx

Dionaea Pink Fringe

Dionaea Predator

Dionaea Pro Giant

Dionaea Raptor

Dionaea Red Line

Dionaea TM Biohazard 1

Dionaea TM Biohazard 3

Dionaea TM Biohazard 4

Dionaea TM Scales 1

Dionaea TM Scales 2

Dionaea SD Kronos

Dionaea Shup Destruction

Dionaea SL15

Dionaea South West Giant

Dionaea Switzerland Giant

Dionaea Titan Clone Z6

Dionaea Tutanchamon

Dionaea UK Sawtooth 1

Dionaea UK Sawtooth 2

Dionaea var Heterohylla

Dionaea Werewolf

Dionaea Werewolf

Dionaea wine mouth

Dionaea Yaotzin

Drosera binata var dichotoma giant

Drosera filiformis ssp filiformis

Drosera Ghost

Drosera Octopus

Drosera Regia

Drosera x Eloisiana Giant (beleziana Giant)

Drosera x hybrida

Drosera x obovata

Pinguicula Gigantea

Pinguicula Grandiflora "High Peak" Switzerland

Pinguicula Grandiflora

Pinguicula Vulgaris

Pinguicula Grandiflora x Vulgaris

Roridula Gorgonias Seedgrown

S. "Emilie sister" SFO10 S. flava var. ornata -- solid red throat with diffused veins around neck Apalachicola nat. Forest; Liberty Co. Florida (MK F88) x SXM31 S.x Moorei -- `Adrian Slack’ (S x moorei), Barry Meyers-Rice(H113,MK) clone b

Sarracenia   x Moorei -- selected from L18 MK x F88MK, clone c SXM87

Sarracenia  Adrian Slack Mk H113

Sarracenia  leucophylla Mobile County L34 Klein

Sarracenia  x281 Timothy King x Royal Ruby

Sarracenia "Anne Carlisle" ????

Sarracenia "Crimson Queen"

Sarracenia "Dionne"

Sarracenia "Helen Mary" MK H182

Sarracenia "Hummer Hammerhead" MK H101

Sarracenia "Parise Dream"

Sarracenia Adrian Slack x L57 Burgundy red Yuri Sarzi

Sarracenia aerolata "Uncle Jims Road2" MK H11B

Sarracenia alata MK A 60

Sarracenia alata MK A58 Black tube form. Deep maroon throat.  Whites Crossing, intersection of state road 15 and 26, Stone Co. MS. De Soto National Forest.

Sarracenia alata X flava var. Flava  MK H136   `Maxima` Plant grows to 4 feet tall, Steve Morley 2004

Sarracenia Arthur Wheeler

Sarracenia Asbo

Sarracenia Atlas 5

Sarracenia black sugar

Sarracenia Black Widow

Sarracenia Conny

Sarracenia Dana's Delight

Sarracenia Dantadelle

Sarracenia Devil Fire

Sarracenia Elizabeth Aydon, MK H193

Sarracenia Eric Marley

Sarracenia Euroflora Klone

Sarracenia excelens Westphal

Sarracenia Flava "Wide Mouth"

Sarracenia flava Goldie

Sarracenia flava var atropurpurea MK F27C

Sarracenia flava var flava MK F142

Sarracenia flava var flave MK F32

Sarracenia flava var ornata MK F88

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora Burgundy MK F 26

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora MK F124 , Don Schnell

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora MK F30

Sarracenia flava var rubricorpora, deep purple tubes, Michael Hanrathy

Sarracenia flava var rugelii MK F18

Sarracenia flava var. Atropurpurea ,MK F27B

Sarracenia flava var. Rugelii MK  F18

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii MK F54

Sarracenia flava var. rugelii, Defuniak Springs, Fl stocky pitchers with prominent red blotch, location no longer existing

Sarracenia Flava Wide Mouth

Sarracenia flave var atropurea MS F28 O

Sarracenia Formosa

Sarracenia Freja

Sarracenia Frogman

Sarracenia Gentleman

Sarracenia Iamsatyricon

Sarracenia Inspiration

Sarracenia John David King  Mk H224

Sarracenia Johnny Marr

Sarracenia Leah Rock OBH50

Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson MK H112

Sarracenia Leah Wilkerson White Knight H15 Yuri Sarzi

Sarracenia leucophylla – "alba" clone 2

Sarracenia leucophylla  Burgundy Red & White SL65

Sarracenia leucophylla  Hurricane creek white (Relic HCW x HCW F)-since hurricane creek white plants lack diversity, this is an attempt to infuse new genetics into the line for long term

Sarracenia leucophylla " Burgundy" MK L57

Sarracenia leucophylla "red stripe throat" SL61

Sarracenia leucophylla "Reptile"

Sarracenia Leucophylla alba sämlinge L16 Klein

sarracenia leucophylla HCW clone F

Sarracenia leucophylla HCW Clone F

Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane creek white (Hummer’s HCW x Relic HCW)- since hurricane creek white plants lack diversity

Sarracenia leucophylla Hurricane Creek White clone A x clone F-cross re-made.  Baldwin Co, AL

Sarracenia Leucophylla MK L103

Sarracenia leucophylla MK L18

Sarracenia Leucophylla MS L21C

Sarracenia leucophylla MS L30A

Sarracenia leucophylla MS L32B

Sarracenia Leucophylla pounty lip x red strip H25

Sarracenia leucophylla RED (‘Bright Red’  Covington Co, AL x ‘Red Select’ Liberty Co, FL)

Sarracenia leucophylla Red Selection L37 Klein

Sarracenia leucophylla Tarnok

Sarracenia Minor giant Form

Sarracenia minor oke ICPS seeds 1980`s

Sarracenia minor var. okefenokeensis "Red Eyes", seedgrown plants, 30cm 2 large pitchers with red windows

Sarracenia Mitchelliana

Sarracenia MK F10 x Adrian slack

Sarracenia MK F39

Sarracenia MK H192 Esme Cowlard

Sarracenia Mont Blanc

Sarracenia Mont Blanc x Bocaza

Sarracenia Moorei -- Wilkerson's red, Walton Co, Florida

Sarracenia moorei " Timothy King" MK H225

Sarracenia Mr Pink Rim

Sarracenia Night Sky Mk H96

Sarracenia Orange Fire

Sarracenia Orange Sunset (von giardino carnivoro, es gibt noch eine gleichnamige aus US)

Sarracenia Orephila MK O12

Sarracenia Ornata Clone D

Sarracenia Peaches and Cream

Sarracenia Premysl otakar I

Sarracenia psittacina var. okefenokeensis, Citronelle Alabama, SL P 15/1 3 big, massive heads, selected by Stefan Lenssen

Sarracenia purprurea Tina

Sarracenia purpurea Belly of Blood

Sarracenia purpurea smurf

Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa "extremly dense"

Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa chipola giant

Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa Tattnal Co. Seedling Mike Wang

Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa var burkii f. luteola

Sarracenia purpurea ssp venosa var montana

Sarracenia purpurea ssp. purpurea Avalon Peninsula New Foundland Labrador CA

Sarracenia purpurea ssp. venosa  Reedy Creek Caroline Co. VA USA

Sarracenia Royal Ruby

Sarracenia rubricorpora

Sarracenia SA157 : Moorei Red Amaranth x Leucophylla Alba L09 MK

Sarracenia Tapestry

Sarracenia Waccamaw

Sarracenia Waccamaw x Waccamaw

Sarracenia white sorcerer

Sarracenia wilkerson white knight X wilkerson's red clone W

Sarracenia wrigleyana white

Sarracenia WWK

Sarracenia x "Camisole"

Sarracenia x "Lynda Butt" MK H10

Sarracenia x areolata Sx149

Sarracenia x Green Monster all green form of x excellens, involving minor var. okeefenokeensis, all green

Sarracenia x Moorei -- "Conecuh, Covington County. Alabama , SxM54, MK H211

Sarracenia x moorei - Praetorian Guard, MK H260

Sarracenia x Moorei -- Wilkerson's White Knight, North Walton Country,Florida  ,SxM18,

Sarracenia x moorei "Elisabeth" MK H 89

Sarracenia x moorei "Marston Clone" ipx 105

Sarracenia x moorei "Red Bull"

Sarracenia x mooreii deep red veined pitchers. Red splotch on the throat Sxm 12 CA

Sarracenia x Rudorlf 2  MK H78

Sarracenia x 'Shakra du Coeur'

Sarracenia x swaniana x courtii

Sarracenia x Trinita

Sarracenia x Victoria Morley MK H40

Sarracenia x64 Yuri Sarzi


Edited by Stephan
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