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Searching for Dionaea muscipula (Antonov, GJ Goliath and others)

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Hi All,


I'm new here so I introduce myself in this topic because I didn't find the right forum.


I'm Nicola, an Italian carnivous plants enthusiast and I grow mainly Sarracenia and Dionaea,

I'm 29 and I'm from Venice, but I came here from my birthplace Bari ( Southern Italy) for working reasons.


I'm searching for giant clones of Venus flytrap, in particular for Antonov, GJ Goliath and others giant clones.

I can swap or buy!


I Currently  grow this giant clones: le grosse a guigui, B52, GJ Giant form, SD Kronos, Beastie Boy, Ginormous, DCXL, Towering giant.


Thanks for reading this post! Feel fre to contact me for any purpose.









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