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Nepenthes availables


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i have some plants and cutting from my collection. If interested by something please pm me for  picture and price 


-Spathulata x peltata 
-Spectabilis giant x hamata 
-Burbidgeae x ( veitchii x lowii )
- veitchii x xtrusmadiensis red clone with 2 basal 
- basal maxima x xtrusmadiensis 
- truncata x ( maxima x ephippiata ) 
- bongso x lowii 
- minima x mollis 
- vogelii 
 -ventricosa x ephippiata vine cutting 
- lowii x mollis 
- burbidgeae x lowii 
- burkei basal or vine cutting 


head cutting possible on

-Lowii x boschiana 
-Lowii x veitchii red x burbidgeae 


swap for for hybrid of lowii , burbi , ephippiata … 


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