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Nepenthes autumn sale list


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i have to buy new light for my room . I put for sale some plants .

Robcantleyi x mollis M 75€
Platychila x veitchii female basal M 25€
Lowii x veitchii red x burbidgeae L basal offer
Truncata x ( maxima x ephippiata ) S 20€
Burbidgeae x ( veitchii x lowii ) M 120€
Attenboroughi S 50€ 
Maxima dark x lowii vine cut with active node L 60€ 
Platychila x lowii L 45€ 
Bokorensis basal L 30€ 
Mira x aristolochioides female L 45€ 2-3 growing shot 
Eymae x veitchii S 45€
Maxima x x trusmadiensis basal or vine cutting M to XL 60€ 
Lowii x boschiana head cutting female XXL offer 

shipping eu 13€ 
Please pm me if interested . 

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