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Big&beautiful Cephalotus + N. veitchii Candy Striped + iridescent plants for sale


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I have a big, old clump of Cephalotus follicularis (around 12 cm across) and Nepenthes veitchii "Candy Striped" seedgrown (around 20 cm across) for sale. The Cephalotus is for €45 and the Nepenthes for €55.

I have also iridescent plants (photos of bigger plants attached below): Begonia sp. Sarawak (€15 - €55, depending on size), B. rockii (€25 - €65, depending on size) and Selaginella sp. Java (€15 for around 4 cm small plant, €25 for around 7 cm).

Payment by PayPal or bank transfer, postage €15 - €20 depending on destination.


Cephalotus follicularis Red for sale 1.JPG

Cephalotus follicularis Red for sale 5.JPG



Begonia rockii blue for sale 2.JPG

Begonia sp Sarawak lichenora for sale 4.JPG

Selaginella sp. Java for sale 1.jpg

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