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Pure Nepenthes platychila seeds


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I have available some very fresh pure species seeds of Nepenthes platychila that I just collected from my plants. I personally bred two very nice individuals you can see in the attached picture.
I don't have a picture of a nice pitcher of the male parent plant unfortunately, but you can appreciate anyway the nice red coloration of its peristome. Don't focus too much on the shape of the pictured one, N.platychila is quite variable in general and in different periods of the year you can see differently shaped pitchers on the same exact plant depending on the actual growing conditions. That vine was also quite young (edit: I found another picture, see below). I always observe the nicest pitchers in spring, in other seasons it's not uncommon to see such pitchers also on that nice striped female plant.
I have high expectations for the resulting plants.



New picture of the male parent:


If you are interested please send me an email at pico.plants2024 <at> gmail.com instead of a private message here.
I'm asking 25€ + shipping per portion/pod
Standard shipping in EU is 4€ and tracked is 8€

Please be patient, I don’t have much free time.



I found a picture of another pitcher of the male plant, it was not colored up yet but it has a better shape


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