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Julian Rotert


Drosera Rotundifolia

Drosera Binata

Drosera Filiformis sp. Filiformis

Drosera Aliciae

Drosera Capensis "Alba"

Drosera Spatulata

Drosera Ultramafica x Spatulata

Drosera Tomentosa

Drosera Roseana 

Drosera Pulchella "Pink Flower"

Drosera Scorpiodes

Drosera Omissa x Pulchella

Drosera Prolifera

Drosera Capillaris

Drosera Venusta 

Drosera Graomogolensis

Drosera Roraimae "Akopan, Tepui"

Drosera Paradoxa aff. Paradoxa

Drosera Verrucata

Drosera Callistos

Drosera Mannii

Drosera Patens





Sarracenia sp. Purpurae?

Sarracenia flava var ornata 

sarracenia flava var flava





Pinguicula (Baumarkt)

2x Pinguicula esseriana



2x Baumarkt

9x Nepenthes Minima x Minima (Sämlinge)

Nepenthes MH X Gaya (khasiana x (ventricosa x maxima))

12x Nepenthes MH lavicola x (spathulata x edwardsiana) (Sämlinge)

2x Nepenthes x Bloody Mary

Nepenthes Gentle

Nepenthes Maxima x Boschiana




Cephalotus Follicularis



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