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Nepenthes Samen - Juni 2024

Mark Brandenburg -HB

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Mark Brandenburg -HB

Hi hab heute nochmal frisch Samen geerntet. 


1) (Veitchii x Lowii) x Boschiana - 10 €/pod

2) (Veitchii x Lowii) x Mira - 10 €/pod

3) (Veitchii x Lowii) x (Veitchii x Lowii) - 12 €/pod

4) (Veitchii x Lowii) x (Minima x Mollis) - 10 €/pod

5) (Veitchii x Lowii) x Ventricosa - 10 €/pod

6) (Veitchii x Lowii) x (Spathulata x Edwardsiana) - 12 €/pod

7) (Veitchii x Lowii) x (Truncata x Trusmadiensis) - 12 €/pod

😎 (Veitchii x Lowii) x Truncata - 12 €/pod


Versand ist möglich



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