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Sarracenia Offer - July 2024 (SOLD)


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Hello sarra growers,

another fresh offer is here:


Sarracenia x ´ASBO´ MK H265 - eine gigantische Sarracenia Kreuzung aus England, 80 cm hoch und riesige Deckel - size XXL (multiple gp) - 45 e

                                                                                                                                                                               - size L (more gp) - 20 e


Sarracenia leucophylla ´Depa clone´ – rare clone from C. Depalmas (Italy), about 80 cm tall, extra wide pitchers - size M/L - 40 e


Sarracenia x ´Metallized´ MK H366 (D. Righetti) - famous rare clone with a particular metallic iridescent appearance if observed in full sun - size L/XL (with 2 small divisions) - 160 e


Sarracenia flava var. flava ´Lidless´, giant form - very tall pitchers with a nice red splotch in the neck - size XXL - 35 e


Sarracenia x moorei ´The Beast´ MK H318 - giant white pitchers with a pink lip - size M - 30 e


Sarracenia x moorei Sarracenia Nurseries, Large moorei, MK H9 – deep red veined pitchers reaching 3 ft tall - size XL - 15 e


Sarracenia leucophylla L32a MS - very tall and wide pitchers, white top almost as an alba form - adult plant in size L with 2 gp (bottom on the left in the picture) - 20 e


Sarracenia leucophylla Bocaza x MK L18 - very robust and nicely colourful pitchers, can get over 1 m - adult plant in size L with 2 gp - 30 e


Sarracenia x moorei ´Ian McKay´ (Green Jaws) - tall growing (to 1 m) and colourful, getting huge - size XL with more gp (2 pics: pitcher+rhizome) - 45 e


Sarracenia x moorei ´Leviathan´ MK H393 – very large clone, easily over 1 meter tall - size XL with more gp (2 pics: pitcher+rhizome) - 30 e


Sarracenia flava var. rugelii ´Very giant form´ FL77 RvO (MK F279, R. Heirbaut) – robust pitchers with large lid and prominent throat marking - size L - 25 e


Sarracenia leucophylla ´Gert H.´ - leuco with a lot of white, it reaches about 1 meter - size XXL with multiple gp - 30 e



The shipping is 15 e and we can agree on the total price or free shipping when more plants are taken as usually.






MK H9.jpg
















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