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Benni's Bestandsliste


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Meine Bestandsliste mit Stand 15.06.2017:


Darlingtonia californica

Dionaea muscipula

Dionaea muscipula "red"



Drosera aliciae

Drosera anglica

Drosera capensis var. alba

Drosera capensis

Drosera filiformis 'California Sunset'

Drosera filiformis "red"

Drosera hamiltonii

Drosera intermedia

Drosera rotundifolia

Drosera slackii

Drosera binata

Drosera binata var. multifida extrema

Drosera binata var. dichotoma

Drosera adelae

Drosera regia

Drosera x hybrida


Drosera auriculata {Manawatu, Gorge NZ}

Drosera peltata

Drosera browniana {Hatter Hill, W.A.}

Drosera erythrorhiza ssp. erythrorhiza var. imbecilla

Drosera lowriei {Holt, W.A.}

Drosera stolonifera


Drosera dichrosepala

Drosera pulchella

Drosera scorpioides


Drosophyllum lusitanicum


Genlisea exhibitionista


Nepenthes maxima



Pinguicula grandiflora

Pinguicula spec.

Pinguicula "Tina"


Roridula gorgonias


Sarracenia Hybride

Sarracenia psittacina

Sarracenia purpurea

Sarracenia leucophylla

Sarracenia flava

Sarracenia Hybride (Mutter flava)

Sarracenia minor

Sarracenia x moorei

Sarracenia 'Dana's Delight'

Sarracenia flava var. maxima x purpurea var. heterophylla


Utricularia sandersonii "blue flower"

Utricularia calycifida 'Asenath Waite'

Utricularia menziesii

Utricularia praelonga

Utricularia bisquamata

Utricularia nelumbifolia

Utricularia longifolia

Utricularia longifolia var. forgetiana

Utricularia reniformis "small"

Utricularia reniformis "large"

Utricularia australis

Utricularia cornuta

Utricularia nephrophylla x geminiloba

Edited by Benjamin
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