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Drosera Leaf Cuttings


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A few years ago, I saw on a forum that it was possible to make leaf cuttings of drosera directly in the water.
It seemed strnge to me but I tried to see. This does not seem to work for some species, but to my surprise for
some others it's incredibly easy.

The 3 species that work best (at home) are D.Madagascariensis, D.Hamiltonii and D.Curvipes

For D.Madagascariensis and D.Curvipes, I cut the leaves not faded at the end of the season (October) and I put them in a plastic tray

with my tuberose all winter. Around March, I replant them in the peat and install them in the greenhouse.

imageproxy.php?img=&key=e1868a8d27780b42https://nsm09.casimages.com/img/2019/04/26//19042603352623614516213322.jpg [/ img]

imageproxy.php?img=&key=e1868a8d27780b42https://nsm09.casimages.com/img/2019/04/26//19042603360223614516213325.jpg [/ img]

For D.Hamiltonii, it's the same thing but it can be done all year round.

here are the results after a few seasons.









D.hamiltonii a few years later


For D.Madagascarensis and D.Curvipes, it is important to feed them a lot for a rapid growth

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It works very well depending on the species. I'm only growing CPs for a comparatively short time, but so far I have successfully propagated the following plants from leaf cuttings: D. capensis "red", D. capensis 'alba', D. adelae, D. binata T-Form, D. prolifera, D. capillaris, D. admirabilis and D. oblanceolata.

I just cut off leaves and place them in sealed glass jars or covered petri dishes with RO water and place them somewhere under my lights, and then basically forget about them for a couple of weeks/months. After a couple of plantlets have sprouted from the leaves, I pot them into a peat/sand mix.


I also have successfully propagated D. nidiformis from flower stalk cuttings, using the same method as for the leaves, but instead using 2-3 cm flower stalk segments. Flower stalk cuttings didn't work for me with D. aliciae, but this might be due to the fact that the stalk I used still was relatively slender.
For D. madagascariensis, so far I just tried stem cuttings. Just cut off the head and place it in LFS - in a matter of weeks you will have new leaves, and the old stem will resprout just below the cut.


In general, If I wish to propagate (not too uncommon) Drosera species, I first check growsundews.com to see if the species is listed, because their advice regarding propagation methods so far worked very well for me.


Best, Roman


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